All of the postures in the Bikram Series work to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to ever part of the body. Bikram calls this dynamic “Extension and Compression” ; stretching one side of the body stretches the veins and arteries , narrowing them so normal blood flow cannot flow through; the heart pumps harder trying to accomplish what it normally does, This is the tourniquet effect – when the blood supply is released, blood rushes through the veins and arteries flushing them out, re-energizing and re-organizing the veins, arteries and organs of the body.


The heated room warms your muscles. Warm muscles will be looser and allow you to work more deeply and safely into the postures.The heat detoxifies the body using the largest gland in the body – the sweat glands.It dilates even the smallest capillary to allow more blood flow to the muscles.Increases the heart rate to work your cardiovascular systemIt helps to focus your mind on the present moment.

This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. It is about stretching your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try the right way, do the best you can and breathe normally.

Practicing the same series offers several benefits. First, there is a sense of consistency. You become familiar with the postures over time and discover your own level of practice. Secondly, although the postures stay the same, your body is constantly changing and evolving. Strength, flexibility and state of mind are always in flux and you will find a different challenge every time you step onto your mat.

Refrain from eating 3 hours before class.
Keep well hydrated throughout the day.If you have a mat, please bring it to class ( If not, we will lend you one for the first class) and 2 towels – 1 large towel to place on top of the mat in the yoga room and 1 for the shower.
Water to drink. 
You should aim to dress as light as possible. We recommend that men wear shorts or a bathing suit and women wear an exercise top with a pair of shorts, or a swimsuit. Material should be thin and breathable..
Be on time! Once the instructor has entered the room class begins immediately and no more students are allowed to enter the studio. If it is your first time, please make sure you are early to class (at least 15 minutes).
Bring a smile and open mind!

It’s normal to feel dizzy or nauseous when beginning Bikram Yoga; do not be concerned, you will be allowing parts of your body to open that may have been stagnant for years and toxins will be released. You will be surprised how much easier a class gets as you clean and strengthen your body. You will begin to see the heat as your friend and makes you feel GREAT after class! Also make sure you are getting enough natural electrolytes when you hydrate. Electrolytes-enhanced beverages or simply a pinch of sea salt with honey and lemon in your water bottle should suffice.

How quickly you progress will depend entirely on you- on your natural ability to a small extent, but mostly upon the honest time and effort you give to the practice. Do as much as you can honestly on any given day, always respecting and listening to your body’s needs. There is no standard of comparison , except yourself. Just continue to show up for class, practice in the present moment and you will be delighted with the unexpected benefits that emerge!

Look at someone who has been doing this yoga for over twenty or thirty years. Don’t ask their ages. They have become timeless:)